If you have a problem that requires surgery and you are trying to find the best back surgeon in Spain to ensure you will achieve the most appropriate and safest solution, you will be interested in knowing of Instituto Clavel’s proposal. Our organization is headed by Doctor Pablo Clavel, a leader in the fields of spine surgery and neurosurgery, who has trained at American universities and currently collaborates with various international research and teaching initiatives. Our director has two decades of professional practice in Barcelona and at Instituto Clavel, and works with a highly competent team that includes neurosurgeons, traumatologists and neurophysiologists.

Under the direction of this prestigious Spanish surgeon, at our center we have continued to incorporate cutting-edge treatments for all the main neurological problems, including different types of tumors that can occur in the area, neuralgia, hydrocephalus, head and spine malformations, cerebrovascular problems and diverse trauma conditions. In all these cases we strive to apply techniques that enhance the chances of success and ensure patient safety.

Mejor cirujano de España

We have incorporated advanced technological solutions within our facilities to perform different techniques, always in the hands of professionals with wide experience.

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You can confidently attend our clinic knowing that you will have access to the services of the best spine surgeon in Spain. In the field of spine surgery, we specially support ADR surgery, or artificial disc replacement, a technique which makes it possible for us to offer the most functional and least invasive solution in cases of disc degeneration.

Patients are assured that they will be able to count on the best advice regarding surgical procedures for both the lumbar and cervical areas. Again, the professional capacity of our team of specialists makes all the difference when it comes to performing these techniques with the required precision.

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