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At Instituto Clavel we receive ever greater numbers of patients because it is well known that we are specialists in cervical disc replacement surgery. The hallmark of the surgical procedures we perform in our center is that they are minimally invasive. Our surgical team led by Dr. Clavel has extensive experience in the treatment of spinal pathologies. Anyone can be a candidate for ADR surgery, except for the very elderly, patients with disc or ligament degeneration, or with other health conditions that make this type of surgery unadvisable.

However, to determine your eligibility, we encourage you to make an appointment so we can study your case and inform you of possible solutions.

In our back and spine institute you will find the best professionals specialized in disc degeneration and back pain.



Cervical disc replacement surgical procedure


We have observed that one of the reasons many people come to Instituto Clavel is because we are experts in non-invasive back surgery. In those patients suffering from cervical or lumbar disc degeneration, surgery is necessary if conservative medical treatment has failed. ADR (Artificial Disc Replacement) surgery is the best current alternative to fusion surgery. During this intervention the affected cervical or lumbar disc is replaced by an implant designed to mimic a healthy natural disc.

Although there are different types of ADR according to the condition affecting the patient, at Instituto Clavel we consider that the best surgery in cases of degenerated disc disease is total disc replacement with a prosthesis. In this way all potential pain causing agents are neutralized when the degenerated nucleus is removed.

cirugia de reemplazo de disco artificial
monitorizacion intraoperatoria 

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