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Why has degenerated disc surgery with artificial disc replacement become the choice of more and more patients suffering from cervical or lumbar pain? Simply because the advantages of this type of intervention outweigh those of other alternatives (debate between spinal fusion or disc replacement) and because nowadays these prostheses are able to provide patients with a high quality of life by eliminating pain causing agents without affecting joint mobility.

Our company, based in Barcelona, performs outstanding work in the field of back surgery and more specifically in artificial disc replacement (ADR) surgery. During 15 years it has been our objective to provide better conditions for those affected by disc problems. Our team of medical professionals continuously works to effectively apply the benefits of the most innovative surgical techniques and diagnosis methods, relying on the comprehensive facilities available to us at Hospital Quirón in the Catalonian capital.



Recognized experts in degenerated disc surgery


We are ready to resolve your cervical or lumbar problems with a technique that has shown proven efficacy in degenerated disc surgery. More than 95% of our interventions have been successful and our patient testimonials are highly positive. Our commitment to continuous improvement results in the use of state of the art prosthetic materials, which mimic as closely as possible the form and function of natural discs, as well as the development of minimally invasive techniques, including the lateral approach. We continue to work to provide access to this surgery that really makes a difference in the daily lives of our patients.

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