Those who suffer from a herniated lumbar disc know to what extent the pain caused by this injury can make it difficult to carry out their daily activities. When conservative treatments do not achieve relief, it is necessary to opt for a surgical solution. If this is your case, at Instituto Clavel de la Columna you will enjoy the care of some of the greatest national and international specialists in this field, within a reference institution in southern Europe, which has 15 years’ experience, remains at the forefront of technology and applies the most beneficial methods for the patient.

We are a pioneering entity in Spain in the use of ADR surgery, nowadays considered the most advisable option when dealing with a herniated disc operation. It is a technique that we perform in a minimally invasive way, by means of a lateral approach, and which consists in the introduction of synthetic materials designed to simulate and replace, with the greatest possible precision, the degenerated discs that cause discomfort.


hernia discal lumbar

A center to operate your herniated lumbar disc


We have attained a high level of efficacy, with more than 95% of satisfactory operations, our medical team offers personalized care that allows us to achieve optimal results with each patient, based on the necessary previous studies.

We have the required resources to treat your herniated lumbar disc by eliminating the pain-causing agents in a way that will allow you to maintain joint mobility. The same can be said of problems of a similar nature that require a cervical hernia operation. At Instituto Clavel you will always be in the best hands and will enjoy specialized attention when submitting to this procedure, as well as during the necessary prior and subsequent studies and care, all of which will enable you to achieve an ideal recovery.


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