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In our medical institute we receive many queries every day regarding non invasive back surgery. It is well known that our center is a pioneer in the ADR technique, an intervention that involves the replacement of a degenerated painful disc with a new artificial disc. It is a process particularly suitable for patients who suffer chronic low back pain or neck pain due to wear. Our main goal is that patients recover their quality of life and once more resume the activities they carried out before the onset of their pain.

At Instituto Clavel we carry out non invasive back procedures because, during ADR, no bones are sectioned. Furthermore, this technique prevents adjacent disc degeneration because the prosthesis maintains movement function of the discs. Due to this, patients no longer suffer pain, because the spine is not subjected to greater biomechanical stress.



Non invasive back surgical procedures


If you are looking for the best price for spine surgery, do not hesitate to come to Instituto Clavel. If you suffer from back pain and want a solution that will ensure progressive and effective recovery, consult our professionals about lateral approach spinal disc replacement surgery. Currently the ADR technique is the best option for treating conditions such as hernias and protrusions. What we do is to implant an artificial prosthesis that perfectly mimics the intervertebral disc, thus we are able to eliminate pain while accurately replicating the movement of natural discs.

Here at Instituto Clavel we have been pioneers in this type of slightly invasive spine surgery. The chances of success and satisfaction are very high and patients no longer suffer back pain.

cirugia de reemplazo de disco artificial
monitorizacion intraoperatoria 

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