Instituto Clavel, lateral approach experts

Last May Dr. Ignasi Català from Instituto Clavel attended to a spine lateral approach course in Philadelphia teached by Professor Mendoza from Duke University and Professor Cohen from Miami.

Later Dr. Ignasi Català stayed in Tampa General Hospital in Florida in the spine section from the well-known Dr. Uribe, world expert in spine lateral approach and minimally invasive technique for the treatment of selected lumbar disc pathology, in order to improve his surgical techniques.

During his stay Dr. Català took part in 17 surgeries. Ten of these surgeries were  made with the minimally invasive technique.

Dr. Català could check in the post-operative patients the excellent clinical results and the effectiveness of the  lateral approach technique (XLIF) in cases of adult scoliosis correction.

Dr. Català de Instituto Clavel junto al Dr. Uribe