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If you’re wondering about the price of spinal surgery, you can consult our team. However, Instituto Clavel’s most outstanding characteristic in this regard is that we offer you the means and resources that truly give you a return on your investment. And this is due to the fact that currently we can offer the best alternatives when treating back discs’ problems. We have fifteen years of professional experience and have become a center of excellence in ADR, the spinal disc replacement with specially designed artificial implants.

We do our best to increase to the utmost the benefits you obtain from the cost of spine surgery. Patients operated in our center, on the premises of Hospital Quirón de Barcelona, are willing to testify to this. Thanks to our combination of highly qualified specialized professionals and continuous improvement in techniques and materials, today we can provide those suffering from problems related to disc degeneration the opportunity to regain a normal life, eliminating pain while retaining joint movement function.



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If you are interested in minimally invasive lumbar decompression procedures, do not hesitate to consult our professionals. We continue to work daily to answer the queries of all patients who come to us in search of a personalized solution for their condition to achieve the highest possible degree of comfort and convenience in their daily lives. Therefore we are continually in search of innovative techniques to achieve successful interventions reducing as much as possible the discomfort and risk to our patients.

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